New! American E-Shot


After nearly six years and great anticipation, RSI is pleased to now have available American E-Shot.

E-Shot is heavier than lead, soft, barrel friendly and is very easy to load (use Hevi-Shot, lead or E-Shot recipes).

EXTREME long range use, E-Shot is very responsive to tight chokes, unlike Hevi-Shot, you can focus all that retained NRG to keep shot on target to make unbelievable shots while hunting. Fish & Wildlife Service approved, super for small gauge shotguns and classics.

RSI is pleased to announce its release of the initial phase of AMERICAN E-SHOT. E-Shot is a soft, very heavy and “barrel friendly” substance used for making extreme long range shot shells.

E-Shot is much more responsive to the use of tight (restrictive) shotgun chokes than ANY other competitive non-toxic alternative, so you can focus the record setting  retained pellet energy to keep the shot on target to make unbelievable shots while hunting.

E-Shot looks like, performs like, shoots like, translates energy like, shocks like and reloads like lead. However it is really denser than lead, yielding record setting downrange velocities and ballistical energy.

E-Shot  is made using non-toxic polymorphic elements in a FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE approved  and patented process.

E-Shot is very easy to load in the “Sam 1 line”, or “lead style” wads, in a variety of payloads and lengths and capacities.

Reloaders will  be pleased to know RSI will have a comprehensive publication “THE SHOTSHELL RELOADERS HANDBOOK VOL. 1.” E-Shot will be available in “Factory loaded Ammunition” in a variety of gauges and applications as quickly as possible.

Radically Enhanced Density E-Shot vs Regular Steel E-Shot requires 495 F.P.S. velocity for penetration.

Normal 7.8 Steel requires 575 F.P.S for penetration as illustrated in the R.S.I Handbook.

NOTE – Regular Steel has high enough velocity up to 55 yards.

E-Shot has high enough velocity up to 100 yards.

As the velocity of the Shell is increased, both steel 7.8 and E-Shot 12.0 will also notice a measurable enhancement of down range velocity and energy. Reloaders may want to use smaller E-Shot sizes than regular steel. (use three sizes smaller E-Shot tan 7.8 steel for the exact weight.) A 1? oz of #5’s will be similar to 1? oz of steel. As usual, the larger the pellet (either E-Shot or steel) and the higher the speed of the payload, will make the range greater for the Shell. American E-Shot is kind to your barrel.

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Safe for your barrel. E-Shot is a remarkable non-toxic-ultra long rnage, dense shot that behaves superbly in a variety of shotshell applications.

Energies- American E-Shot # T ( .200 )